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Jesus - breaking of the bread


Sunday services:

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For all services and their times, please refer to the newsletter. Please click here.

No Bookings

St. Chad's no longer requires booking for any Masses or services.

We will go back to a system where the first to arrive will be admitted up to a limit of 36 households (whether one person or up to four).

At Sunday morning Masses - 8.30,10.00,11.30 - a live streaming option will be available in the Hall if too many people turn up for Mass for the church to safely accommodate.

The option of ‘attending’ Mass online remains for all services in the church. Please see below:

Live on-line streaming of Mass from St. Chad's:

Information: We are glad to inform everyone of you that live-stream of liturgical celebrations at St. Chad’s Church, South Norwood, is now possible. The live-stream pieces equipment have been successfully installed.

All you need to do is go to here:

You are welcome to log in and join.

St Chad's Mass Online

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