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UCM October ZOOM Meeting October 9th – 7pm: See the UCM poster for details - please click here for the full sized version.

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Important Message from Fr Bartholomew on the Ending of Booking for Mass

Dear Parishioners,

It has been exactly one month and three weeks since we started celebrating Mass with the congregation after the national lockdown. We were asked to put some safety measures in place before reopening the Church for public celebrations, which we did.

One of the requirements was to keep records of individuals and households who attend particular Masses. We decided that people should pre-book for the Mass they would like to attend to facilitate track and trace procedure should there be any need.

I have reviewed our initial decisions with our wonderful stewards and the below bullet points are what we think will further help us going forward.

There are 36 spaces in the church. Each can accommodate either one person or up to four from the same household.

When 36 spaces are occupied it is our job as stewards to explain to people that no more people can attend that Mass.

No sitting with people from different households - except carers.

No standing – there is nowhere safe to stand.

Through no-one’s fault, the booking system has not worked as a way of predicting how many spaces will be occupied, or a way of avoiding too many people turning up for Mass.

Starting with the Masses at next weekend (19th-20th Sept) there will be no way of booking for Mass.

The 1st individuals or households to arrive will be given (ideally will pick up for themselves) one of only 36 tokens.

When the 36 tokens are gone the doors will be closed only to be reopened for the next Mass.

The stewards will kindly and sympathetically explain to people that we are not allowed, by law, to admit any more people.

Anyone who has previously given their name and phone number, their presence will be recorded on a list.

Anyone not on that list will be added to the list as they provide a phone number.

People who had previously booked will not have any priority in the allocation of spaces. 1st come 1st admitted principle would be applied.

Stewards will continue to try and attend only one Mass at a weekend unless required to cover a missing steward at another Mass.

Whatever decisions or changes that are made are for the good and the safety of everybody. Thank you for your understanding co-operation. Continue to keep safe as the virus infection to raise public concern.

Please share this information with anyone you can reach out to.

Fr. Bartholomew
12th September 2020


St. Chad’s Parish Offering and Donations Information

Dear Parishioners,

As we no longer pass the collection baskets during Mass for our traditional cash donations for the maintenance and bills of our parish church, you are strongly encouraged to set up a standing order with your bank for your kind and generous weekly offertory and donations including any kind of donations or legacy you wish to make to the church now or leave for the Church in the future.

The parish account details are as follows:

Account name:
St. Chad’s Catholic Church
Bank: NatWest
Branch sort code: 515002
Account #: 95789995

Please contact the parish office through the number below if you need any clarification or further information. Thanks.
Tel: 020 8653 2806

Thank you
Fr. Bartholomew


Hello everyone,

St Chad’s Parish, South Norwood Mass Attendance Pre-Booking & NHS Test and Trace Advice

Please fill the pre-booking form (please click on the link below) or call the number provided (in the Guidelines) to inform Fr Bartholomew and Fr. Pascoal, which Mass you and your family prefer to attend each weekend. There is a limited capacity for each Mass. YOU CAN CHOOSE ONLY ONE TIME. You have to re-book if you change your time. Please note that we are GDPR compliant.

To also manage the risk of the virus re-emerging this information is being collected at the direction of the U.K. Government. It will be kept secure and will be destroyed 21 days after the act of worship.

We shall start celebrating public Mass from the weekend of 18/19 July 2020 beginning with the Sunday Vigil Mass on Saturday evening of the 18th of July.

*You are strongly advised to wear a face covering and ensure you have booked before turning up for Mass. *

Please listen to the directions of the stewards for you and everyone’s safety.

Thank you
Fr. Bartholomew

Pre-booking Form for Mass

Guidelines for Reopening the Church for Public Worship

Archbishops' Message

Re-opening of St. Chad's Church for Private Prayer

Ther church has reopened the church for private (individual) prayer on Saturdays from 2.00pm to 6pm afrer a careful risk assessment which was approved by the diocese.

Here are provisional rules to ensure this took place in safety: Link. Please check for the current rules on arrival.

Here is a Report by a Steward entitled 'Welcome Home'. This expl;ains what happened on the first day of opening on Saturday 20th June 2020.

Reflection from Fr. Batholomew on this Sunday's Readings


Mwaka Mudenda ("Mwaksy") is the new presenter on Blue Peter! Congratuations to Mwaka Mudenda, formerly of St. Chad's and now living in Manchester, on becoming the 39th presenter of the long-running BBC children's TV programme Blue Peter!

Mwaka Mudenda

Mwaka joined the show on 14th May 2020.


"I would like to assure all parishioners that we the Priests still celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Eucharist. We always remember and pray for you, especially those who are suffering from the virus infection and all those who booked for Masses in advance, your intentions are prayed for at our Masses." Fr Bartholomew

COVID-19 corunavirus update: Pastoral Letter from Archbishop John Wilson (click to read)

Baptism: There will be no baptisms until further notice.

St Chad’s Social Club: St Chad’s Social Committee regret that all future events will be cancelled until further notice. If things change we will let you know. We wish you all well and please keep safe. Thank you.

Please pray for those who have died recently and those who mourn their loss, especially: Rose Lobo, Ann Britton, Brian Green, +Peter Smith, Obima Nganori, Mrs Christiana Obi Nkpolukwu, Rita Lobo, Ugochukwu Dike, Penelope Berkoh, Sheila Collins, Margaret Rowland, Oscar John Charles, Ugochukwu Ugwujioku, Madame Lucky Otokito, Benvinda Morais, Leroy Serrette, Catherine Ruby Martin, Eugenia Okpala, Archbishop Michael Bowen, Desri John, Sladjana Rankovic, Wilma Humphrey, Bosco Fernandes, Agnes Ubaechu all our deceased relatives and friends. May they rest in peace and all our deceased relatives and friends and all our deceased relatives and friends and all our deceased relatives and friends. May they rest in peace. (If you would like to include names of your deceased relatives please let us know.)

Please pray for all who are sick in the parish, especially: Henry Aboagye-Brobbey, Matthew Nyame, Martin Gardner, Rose Lobo, Michael Hayland, Agnes Harris, Beautilyn Awe, Janet Moore, Lourdes Leitao, Kings Family, Stella Blake, Alice Berkoh, Cecilia Boakye-Agyeman, Nigel Blake, Mary Clerkins, Bridie Carter, Mina Pobee, Julie Hayfron, Esme Brewer, Chevanese Philip, Tom Finnerty, Cori-Matthew Blanc-Phillips, Theresa Mongan, Matthew Mendes, Beth Simon, Emmanuel Yakubu, Shelley Bunter, Adele Dewluish, Maria Stokoe, Annette Smith, Kathleen Crabb, Fredericka Nettey, Kusuma Munavira, Moira Edinburgh, Patricia Mellor, Vernon Sharland, Pat Mostyn, Tim Belgrave, Ted Stevens, Charlie Cowe, Isabella O’Brien. (It would be greatly appreciated if the office could be notified of the recovery of those on this sick list.)

When we faced Easter in lockdown, Chris and Angie created a video service for children. To share this with your children, download by clicking here.

Click for Children's Stations of the Cross

Click for Children's Stations of the Cross

Or view on YouTube here:


Please note that Father Bartholomew will be available (except in an emergency, when you can ring at any time) from 10.30am to 12.30pm each day, Monday to Friday except Wednesdays, if you wish to speak with them or to book a Mass. Thank you. All enquiries from now onwards should be made during office hours (Monday to Friday 9.30am-12.30pm) through the Parish Secretary. thank you.

Please bring all announcements for the Parish Bulletin by the latest Wednesday. Thank you.

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