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Quote: In regard to the divine and holy mysteries of the faith, not the least part may be handed on without the Holy Scriptures. (St Cyril of Jerusalem).

"I would like to assure all parishioners that we the Priests still celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Eucharist. We always remember and pray for you, especially those who are suffering from the virus infection and all those who booked for Masses in advance, your intentions are prayed for at our Masses." Fr Bartholomew

COVID-19 corunavirus update: Pastoral Letter from Archbishop John Wilson (click to read)

Lenten Masses in Croydon University Hospital: The remaining Lenten Masses in Croydon University Hospital are cancelled.

Baptism: There will be no infant baptism in March. But those who are intending to baptise their children in April are expected to complete the forms and submit them by the end of March.

Eucharistic Adoration: A copy of the different times for Eucharistic adoration in the various parishes in Croydon deanery is pasted on the noticeboard.

St Chad’s Social Club: St Chad’s Social Committee regret that all future events will be cancelled until further notice. If things change we will let you know. We wish you all well and please keep safe. Thank you.

Please pray for those who have died recently and those who mourn their loss, especially: Brian Green, +Peter Smith, Obima Nganori, Mrs Christiana Obi Nkpolukwu, Rita Lobo, Ugochukwu Dike, Penelope Berkoh, Sheila Collins, Margaret Rowland, Oscar John Charles, Ugochukwu Ugwujioku, Madame Lucky Otokito, Benvinda Morais, Leroy Serrette, Catherine Ruby Martin, Eugenia Okpala, Archbishop Michael Bowen, Desri John, Sladjana Rankovic, Wilma Humphrey, Bosco Fernandes, Agnes Ubaechu all our deceased relatives and friends. May they rest in peace and all our deceased relatives and friends and all our deceased relatives and friends and all our deceased relatives and friends. May they rest in peace. (If you would like to include names of your deceased relatives please let us know.)

Please pray for all who are sick in the parish, especially: Henry Aboagye-Brobbey, Matthew Nyame, Martin Gardner, Rose Lobo, Michael Hayland, Agnes Harris, Beautilyn Awe, Janet Moore, Lourdes Leitao, Kings Family, Stella Blake, Alice Berkoh, Cecilia Boakye-Agyeman, Nigel Blake, Mary Clerkins, Bridie Carter, Mina Pobee, Julie Hayfron, Esme Brewer, Chevanese Philip, Tom Finnerty, Cori-Matthew Blanc-Phillips, Theresa Mongan, Matthew Mendes, Beth Simon, Emmanuel Yakubu, Shelley Bunter, Adele Dewluish, Maria Stokoe, Annette Smith, Kathleen Crabb, Fredericka Nettey, Kusuma Munavira, Moira Edinburgh, Patricia Mellor, Vernon Sharland, Pat Mostyn, Tim Belgrave, Ted Stevens, Charlie Cowe, Isabella O’Brien. (It would be greatly appreciated if the office could be notified of the recovery of those on this sick list.)

Please note that Father Bartholomew will be available (except in an emergency, when you can ring at any time) from 10.30am to 12.30pm each day, Monday to Friday except Wednesdays, if you wish to speak with them or to book a Mass. Thank you. All enquiries from now onwards should be made during office hours (Monday to Friday 9.30am-12.30pm) through the Parish Secretary. thank you.

Please bring all announcements for the Parish Bulletin by the latest Wednesday. Thank you.

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