Saint Chad’s Catholic Church
Parish Community Survey 2003
South Norwood, London

The First Step towards an Inclusive Parish

In approaching the issues of access and inclusion it is important that the Parish community is consulted. Accessibility is expressed through the attitudes, values and actions of members of the Church, as well as in the removal of physical or other barriers which impede entry.

The objectives of the survey are not only to locate people with disabilities among members of the Church and their families, but also to explore what contribution they would like to make to the Parish and what kind of services and access they need. The survey is also an opportunity for every Church member to express their views on inclusion and to make suggestions on how this could be achieved and the resources that they have to offer.

Inclusion requires consultation, especially on matters affecting the participation of people with disabilities, since no-one can presume to know their needs.

The Parish Community Survey will take the form of a questionnaire that will be given out after Mass on Sunday 5th October 2003.


Father Barry