Children's Liturgy

In each month, Children's Liturgy is provided at the 10:30am Sunday Mass, for the following groups according to this Rota.

Most weeks two groups meet, one in the hall and the other in the guild room. Parents usually accompany Toddlers but not children of school age. There is no rule about this, if you think your child will be happier accompanied when s/he first goes to the older group that is fine.

All the 'year' references are to school years except for Toddlers which is a pre-school group.

The 10:30am Sunday Mass Schedule can be downloaded from the Services page.

The name "Children's Liturgy" is a shortened form of "Children's Liturgy of the Word" which describes what we do much better than "Sunday School" which in turn is better than "Crèche". Much as we like to help, our aim is not to get the children out of the way because they get fidgety in church, nor is it to provide lessons to supplement the Catechesis the receive at school or to replace the Catechesis they miss if they do not attend a Catholic School. What the children do in "Liturgy" is to celebrate God's word in a way which closely parallels what happens for the adults in the church at the same time. The way in which we do that is matched as best we can to the needs of the particular group with whom we are working. This is made simpler if the children attending a particular group do belong to the school years for that group. These are indicated on the banners displayed before Mass starts. Look forward to seeing you there.


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