Novena of Reflection and Prayer in Preparation for the Feast of Pentecost

Introduction These reflections on biblical texts that speak of the many and varied ways that the Spirit of God is at work among us are an invitation to prayerful preparation for the Feast of Pentecost during this time of global pandemic. Follow grace and never go ahead of it. It is not necessary that you see how you are advancing – that is for the Spirit to do. He is your guide, not you. In prayer follow that which attracts you… (Francis Libermann)


Day I – Friday, May 22nd Link

Day II - Saturday May 23rd Link

Day III - Sunday May 24th Link

Day IV - Monday May 25th

Day V - Tuesday May 26th Link

Day VI - Wednesday May 27th Link

Day VII - Thursday May 27th Link

Day VIII - Friday May 28th Link

Day IX - Saturday May 30th Link


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